Cloud Server 

With Optimized Performance and High Scalability.

Make your applications and websites accessible using cloud resources, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers that host the applications or websites, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

Our Server Specification

We provide best premium cloud server services in the industry.


1. Linux / Windows
2 .Usage Reports
3. Dedicated Network
4. Web Console


1. Premium Bandwidth
2. Redundant Network
3. Juniper/Cisco Backend
4. Low Latency Optimized


1. High IOPS Disks
2. Clustered Hardware
3. Premium Components
4. DDoS Mitigation

Cloud Server Plans & Packages

Cloud 2G
2 GB140 GBUnlimited100 Mbps₹750/Mo₹600/MoSign Up
Cloud 4G
4 GB280 GBUnlimited100 Mbps
₹1400/Mo₹1120/MoSign Up
Cloud 6G
6 GB2100 GBUnlimited100 Mbps₹1700/Mo
₹1360/MoSign Up
Cloud 8G
8 GB4160 GBUnlimited200 Mbps
₹2600/Mo2080/MoSign Up
Cloud 16G
16 GB6300 GBUnlimited200 Mbps
₹4900/Mo₹3920/MoSign Up
Cloud 32G
32 GB8500 GBUnlimited500 Mbps
₹9800/Mo₹7840/MoSign Up
Cloud 64G
64 GB16500 GBUnlimited1 Gbps₹18800/Mo15040/MoSign Up
Cloud 128G
128 GB201000 GBUnlimited1 Gbps
₹36400/Mo₹29120/MoSign Up
Cloud 256G
256 GB322000 GBUnlimited1 Gbps
₹72750/Mo₹58200/MoSign Up

Why Choose Our Cloud Services

We value our customer's needs, time and money. 

Best Managing Server

Our Server maintaining routine operating system updates, additional software updates, and other server-level management and configuration tasks.

Specialized Control Panel

Opting to our service we provide you with a Specialized Control Panel which to manage your servers with ease.

Perfomance Optimized

With our top-notch equipments and adavanced components you will receive smooth, fast and optimized performance.

High-Speed Servers Across Multiple Locations All Over The World

Whatever device you have, VPN unlimited® supports them all! It’s available for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and also comes as a browser extension for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Best Services You Get

Unlike traditional shared hosting, spacewelt premium cloud services assigns dedicated resources to each cloud server.


Our Server is detect unauthorized access or potential errors in your systems in advance. 

Data Management

Our server storing, organizing and maintaining the data created and collected by an organization.

Data Recovery

Our Server restoring lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, or otherwise inaccessible data to its server, computer, mobile device, or storage device

Top Notch Security

Our servers are situated in secure ISO27001 compliant data centers, and we run services from the Our Web Service cloud to protect from all web-based

What Our Client Says

Mr Vishal Kumar

Excellent services of purchasing the server. Very quick response time. I am very happy with Space Welt team

Ms Mona Singh

Great support services provided. They helped us with migration of server and handled all technical issues very well. Will surely keep taking the services.

Mr Naveen Kumar

Thanks to Spacewelt for offering such     a nice and great tech support services   Excellent services of purchasing the   server.

Mrs Lilly

I am pretty much happy that I have purchased amazing performance dedicated server in India. I was able to run the gaming application and live cricket applications on servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Cloud Control Panel has a DNS menu for maintaining domain records for your Cloud Servers. For more information, see Create DNS records for Cloud Servers with the Control Panel.

The SpaceWelt Cloud Servers is a fully unrestricted Linux or Windows environment with root or Administrator level access. If you can run an application or service from a traditional, physical, dedicated-unmanaged operations server, you can run it from your Cloud Server.

The information you enter in the Server Name field helps you identify this server in the API and Cloud Control Panel. The name you enter when you create a server is used as the server’s hostname. If you rename the server later, the name displays in the API, and Cloud Control Panel is updated. However, the hostname on the computer is not updated.

Yes. On the server details page for the server in the Cloud Control Panel, select Actions > Reboot. Use this method if the server is unresponsive.